What clients say

“You can count on Christine and the quality of her work can be trusted. She has got the talent to translate complex, difficult matter excellently as well. Clients spontaneously spoke of their appreciation for her work.” – Richard van Oerle, NautaDutilh

“I can sincerely recommend her services, she is a very good and reliable interpreter.” – Bert Buma, civil law notary in Amsterdam – Buma | Algera notariaat

“We have worked with Christine as an interpreter in qualitative market research for 15 years now, and to our full satisfaction. Apart from a friendly and always interested lady, she is very professional. Christine makes herself visible or invisible at the right moment, a skill which is very important in qualitative market research. What we appreciate about Christine is her proactive contribution of thoughts on how to improve specific processes.” – Augusta Zweekhorst, Managing Director HR and Finance – Bureau Fris

“Professional, thinks along with us, sociable and fun” – Coen Dorrepaal, Senior Account Manager – Bureau Fris

“Ms. Elion is an excellent interpreter, our office worked multiple times together with her and we certainly will in the future. She is always on time and very reliable. Furthermore she is very creative and willing in finding solutions to let the translation work as efficient as possible. After a recent Court hearing during which she assisted even the judge complimented her: she is capable of translating simultaneously without any inconvenience for the other parties in the room, which is outstanding. A compliment from the judge is quite rare, but the compliment was absolutely spot-on and well deserved.” – Amanda Brouwers, Attorney-at-law at Schelstraete Advocaten

“Truly interested in the topic, focus on nuances in the translation and can-do mentality.” – Rob Drent, Canvas Concepting

“I have been working with Christine Elion of Your Interpreter/Mevrouw de Tolk for many years in the market research setting. Interpreting in this industry is demanding and hectic, with long hours and often no breaks. She has always shown herself to be flexible, energetic and service-oriented. More importantly, Christine is effectively able to convey the content of hours of market research focus groups (which include multiple voices) to the client. I highly recommend her services.” – Judith van Baarlen, Passageway Interpreters

“We have frequently used Christine’s services for several years now. We work for international clients who buy a house in the Netherlands and for whom she translates the deed of transfer and the deed of mortgage – if applicable – at the notary’s office. Christine goes about this in a highly professional and discrete manner, using a headset which is given to clients to wear and a microphone she uses to provide the translation. As a consequence, clients do not hear the notary, they directly get the right translation. This makes it much easier for them to understand. Christine doesn’t only deliver a perfect translation, she also understands what she is translating. She is always at the service of our clients, so they always experience the transfer of their home as a festive event.” Mie-Lan Kok, Mie-Lan Kok estate agency

“Christine is very professional, dedicated and she can interpret simultaneously. This makes our co-operation a pleasant one every time!” – Karin Abma, “candidate” civil law notary, Dudok Bouw- en Vastgoedrecht

Christine ondertekent de akte liefst met haar vulpen